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Discussing the Numbers

Licensed Master Social Worker-Under Supervision

Master-level Student (Intern)
Under Supervision

  • Free Services

Licensed Professional Counselor

  • $175 per 50-60 Minute Intake Session  (Self-Pay Only)

  • $125 per 45-50 Minute Follow-up Sessions (Self-Pay Only)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • $175 per 50-60 Minute Intake Session  (Self-Pay Only)

  • $125 per 45-50 Minute Session (Self-Pay Only)

Insurance and Rates

  • Workshops, Consultations, and Mental Speaking Engagements: Please contact our office for pricing.  



Acceptable forms of payment include cash, PayPal, and the following credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express). Please note that there is a 4% convenience fee on credit card transactions to cover the cost of this secure and convenient payment service. We will provide, upon request, a receipt of payment.

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It is possible that your insurance company may reimburse for services rendered based on your Out-of-Network benefits.

Here Are A List of Questions You Can Ask Your Insurance Provider

  1. What are my “Out-of-Network, Out-Patient, Mental Health Benefits” when seeing a Licensed Professional Counselor (Insurance companies sometimes distinguish between Psychiatrist, Psychologist, and Mental Health Counselor or Associate. Make sure you specify that you will be seeing an outpatient Licensed Professional Counselor)

  2. Do I need a referral from my Primary Care Provider (PCP) to receive Mental Health services?

  3. Do I have a deductible, coinsurance, or copayment?

  4. Have I met my deductible this year? When does my deductible restart?

  5. Does Pre-Certification apply? (Does the insurance company have to approve the treatment prior to starting therapy?)


In the event that you are unable to keep an appointment, you must notify your therapist at least 24 hours in advance by email or phone. If such advance notice is not received, you will be financially responsible for the session you missed. The fee is paid in full at the end of each session.

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