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School Consultation

We strive to create a collaborative environment that includes our experts, school staff, and family members. By working together, we can create instructional and behavioral plans that are tailored to each individual's unique needs maximizing growth in communication, development, and independence. The long-term objective is for school personnel to be able to provide effective intervention independently. Services to school districts are designed specifically for each system’s needs. Services cover a wide range of professional development plans, district-wide program development, classroom support and staff training, and individual student support consultations.
School Services Include:​


  • Professional development

  • Developing educational programs and meaningful IEPs

  • Implementing research based practice in the classroom

  • Development and implementation of functional behavior assessments (FBAs) and behavior intervention plans (BIPs)

  • Social skills groups

  • Advocacy during IEP/504 meetings 

  • Intervention in early childhood and community based settings

  • Bullying and suicide prevention training 

School- Based Outpatient Consultation

We want to help students discover their greatness by providing traditional outpatient therapy within the school walls — our school-based program targets elementary and secondary-level students with emotional and behavioral needs. Students can be referred for services by either school personnel and parents.  

Students receiving therapy within the school are much more likely to participate in treatment consistently than those who must travel to an outside facility during after-school hours due to a reduction in:

  • Missed Appointments

  • Transportation Issues

  • Limited Parental Involvement 

If you have a child in need of school-based outpatient services, please ask your school if school-based opportunities are

are offered in your district and how to apply.  

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